From a point of view of effective one stop shop, Airkan proposes to its clients multiple accessories suited for all types of installations and construction sites:


  • Valves
  • Extraction valves
  • Supply valves
  • Flexible tubes
  • Internal insulators
  • External insulators
  • Caps
  • Silencers
  • Joints
  • Screws
  • Antibacterial mastics for the Bactefree gamut
  • Angled mousse pad

Angled mousse pad

The angled mousse pad is an innovation by Airkan for installations with rectangular ducts.

This extra thick mousse pad provides that type of installation with a remarkable airtightness, up to twice as effective.

Acting as a real joint at every cross section, the angled mousse pad fits to all dimensions of rectangular ducts.

For the purpose of your comfort and for the optimum efficiency of your installation our Research Department directly includes the calculation of the quantities and dimensions needed for your project.



  • For rectangular ducts
  • Innovation by Airkan
  • Doubled airtightness
  • Very easy to install