Our services

Research Department – Cutting of plans

Our Research Department cuts out the plan of your project and optimizes the sections, connections and accessories necessary, thus entirely optimizing the budget of the project and shortening the delay of implementation on site.

Logistics Department

Our Logistics Department optimizes transport and supply on site of your equipment. Airkan has its own Logistics Department which offers great reactivity and total traceability. We are aware of the real implementation on site and optimize the supply shifts in order to provide continuous supply.

Controlled production

If a piece is missing, damaged or has the wrong dimensions, our production delay is extremely short and fully controlled thanks to our teams and our latest machinery.

Visit on site

For special projects and complex installations, our research team will visit the site in order to optimize your project jointly.

Custom production

Airkan can manage every type of site, even the most complex one thanks to its custom production suited for any project.

Our Research Department is an undeniable added value in the technical field and with respect to the design of the pieces needed. Depending on the required techniques the pieces will be produced either by a highly qualified worker or by our robots of the newest generation.

Reduced delays

Thanks to the totally controlled production and our machinery of the latest generation, our production delays are extremely short. Our large storage capacity allows a quick supply at all times.

The control of our logistic chain also allows us to reduce the delays of supply to a strict minimum.


Our Research Department optimizes the cutting of your plans and the calculation of measurements.
This study offers multiple advantages:

  • Optimization of measurements
  • Cutback of cost
  • Design of non-standard pieces
  • Complete study of the accessories needed
  • Airtightness advice

Airkan is the inventor of the antibacterial Bactefree gamut (copper-plated ducts) after a 5-year R&D process.

The Bactefree gamut is manufactured in copper-plated steel for optimal use in hospitals or sterile environments. Available in circular and rectangular ducts and accessories.


In addition to duct production Airkan also provides a large gamut of accessories for the optimization of the installation of your ventilation systems: valves, extraction and supply valves, flexible tubes, internal and external insulators, caps, silencers, joints, screws…

Created from in-depth research into airtightness, specifically of rectangular ducts, the angled mousse pad is an innovation by Airkan that limits losses and doubles the airtightness of your installation.

Airkan offers all efficiency of a professional one stop shop to facilitate the assembly of your installation at lower cost.


Airkan’s teams are unbeatable when it comes to study, development, production, packaging and shipping of the complete package to your site, even at great distance.

Our « great export » department offers the comfort of a one stop shop, advice specifically for the conditions of your site and the assurance of a carefree production/delivery.

Measuring device

Airkan allows you to verify the conformity of your installation in Z275 grams/m² thanks to the supply of high-end measuring devices.