About Airkan

Airkan is a solid family company with some hundred employees located in Oudenaarde (BE), Waalwijk (NL), and Hallennes lez Haubourdin (FR).

The entire production of ventilation ducts (standard circular ducts, circular Vergaduct ducts with airtight sealing, rectangular ducts, inlay ducts, antibacterial copper-plated Bactefree ducts and custom built ducts) takes place at our production site in Oudenaarde (BE) by highly skilled workers and the latest machinery. Our facility produces an average volume of 10.000 T/year.

Airkan strives to produce and distribute a high-end material at the right price.

The Company’s « Service » orientation reveals itself in clear engagements:

  • First-class reactivity thanks to our smooth organisation and swift production.
  • TUV quality charter and certification Airtightness Class D + Vinçotte Airtightness Class ABCD (EN 12237).
  • Supply of a vast gamut of accessories that are perfectly adapted to the Airkan ventilation ducts, adapted to our products.
  • Production and supply of the accessory « Angled mousse pad » for the optimization of the airtightness of rectangular ventilation ducts.
  • R&D department in charge of the calculation of plans and measurements for the optimization of pieces and the creation of special products.
  • Transport on site of our teams for project study.
  • Implantation in Belgium, France and Holland, as close as possible to our clients’ construction sites for a swift, close and efficient service.


  • Flexibility

    Airkan is the reflection of its ventilation ducts: we always adjust ourselves to fulfil your needs. Basically, no delay is impossible.

  • Swift production

    Our high-end machinery and 100% controlled production allows us to meet all challenges of your site.

  • Advice & Innovation

    Our in-house research department examines your project in detail and orients you towards the products, accessories and measurements that are most fit. Airkan innovates with the copper-plated antibacterial Bactefree ducts that are the result of 5 years of R&D and with the invention of the angled mousse pad, a clever accessory to the rectangular ducts which doubles their airtightness.

  • Reliability

    Thanks to the TUV and Vinçotte certificates, the Z275 conformity, we provide each day quality and trust for our 2500 clients.