The antibacterial duct Bactefree came into being after more than 5 years of Research and Development by Airkan and TI Strip jointly.

This duct is manufactured in special copper-plated steel.

Ideal for use in a hospital environment, in public buildings and communities, this antibacterial duct is an economical solution and a much more efficient solution than the antibacterial filters that gradually become less efficient.

Several tests conducted in France and in Germany show the nearly complete disappearance of bacteria when coming into contact with the Bactefree material.

With the antibacterial Bactefree ducts the risk of bacterial air pollution is drastically reduced in the ducts. The air is durably much purer.

Other advantage established: a strong decrease in the spread of mould.


  • Antibacterial thanks to the copper coating

  • Perfectly adapted to hospital environments, public buildings, communities

  • Efficiency proven in laboratories and in real conditions

  • Airtightness Class D

All advantages of copper, but at lower cost


Air quality control is a major public health challenge.
Bacteria and mould proliferate in classic ventilation ducts. They spread through the systems and ventilation grids.
Ventilation is the second cause of spread, just behind direct and indirect contact with sources of infection (human contact, stair handrails, door handles).
Adding filters to the ventilation systems is only a partial solution : the filters become less efficient in the course of time. They act as « shield », but are ineffective for the source of the problem.

Bactefree is the perfect solution:

  • Copper is naturally bactericidal* (4 diagrams brochure)
  • Tests conducted in laboratories and in real conditions demonstrate the nearly complete eradication of bacteria when coming in contact with Bactefree** (diagram laboratory).
  • Bactefree allows nosocomial pathogens and tuberculous mycobacteria to be controlled effectively.
  • Bactefree is furthermore effective for an important decrease in the spread of mould.
  • Thanks to its patented process, the copper-based coating of Bactefree allows a significant decrease in production costs.
  • The Bactefree solution is not only efficient but also very aesthetic.
  • A gamut of antibacterial mastics effectively completes the solution.

Further information

Bactefree is available in the rectangular and circular gamut and also available for custom-made projects.

Production in our factories, specifically for your project.

Airkan also supplies the flexible tubes for all your applications, as well as all accessories for the assembly, adapted for the Bactefree gamut.

All mastic used for Bactefree installations is also antibacterial.

Class C according to our tests on construction sites, pending by an independent office.

* Antibacterial activity

Antibacterial activity

* Evolution of the number of bacteria on different soils after 2 hours